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Entry #11

Learning to Animate

2011-06-28 12:24:38 by djInTheDark

Is hard. My sister and I have started planning on a little animation series. She just recently bought Toon Boom animate and the plan was that she would draw the art and I would animate it, put music to it and we would both contribute to the voice acting and plot progression stuff. The learning process of this program has proven to be quite difficult thus far. And since we can't afford a drawing tablet, I'm worried this will stall the production period of the series once I have gotten the hang of Toon Boom. Hopefully this will get off the ground at some point this year. Not sure when though since we only started drawing the main characters two weeks ago or so.

For now, I'm working on a simple little music video test animation that I may be able to submit for Robot Day, but it most likely won't be finished by then.


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