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Moonlight Goddess - BK Moonlight Goddess - BK

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Is it just me?

Or does the kick and snare appear to sound exactly the same as the one from Tiesto's - "Bend It Like You Don't Care"...? I inverted and subtracted it from the original song and the two are a perfect match. :\

Bracksta responds:

very good :) yes i did sample that snare and kick, it fit perfectly :)

Abridged Abridged

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


For a semi-start, it is super! I really like the contrast between the two "parts" so to speak in the song. The bass, while very well played in both structure and build, was somewhat unsatisfying. Try to layer different types of basses into each other (subs, leads, mids, backing, ect.) in order to create something greater than the collection of parts itself. At times it, between the end of the intro and the beginning of the chorus, I completely lost any sort of tempo or rhythm. Maybe rework that, put some hats or other type of percussion continuing the residual beat to help keep the beat flowing and moving. Speaking of other percussion, the hats and claps/snares were all very very clean and all around awesome, but use some other percussive affects (rim shots, toms, fx, ect.) to help stabilize the overall drive of the song and support the hats claps and kick. Check out my latest song if you want an example of most of the stuff I mentioned.

All in all, great work! I enjoyed every minute of it.

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5kyLight responds:

Thanks, your feedback really helps :D
And I will check out your song.


xKore - Stress xKore - Stress

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It sounds like a normal song and some body's holding down the fast forward button. I know it wasn't supposed to be hilarious but it was.